Last Sunday night, with twenty-two men, most of them the size of an SUV or bigger, jammed into a space not much bigger than my kitchen, an event occurred which has taken up more radio and television air time than the first moon landing. In case you have been on a desert island with no communications since then and are the only person in the world that doesn’t know what I am talking about, I’ll explain.

The Seattle Seahawks had just marched down the field as if the Patriots defense had gone home and were on the verge of winning Super Bowl XLIX. They had the ball with second and goal, almost on the goal line, behind four points, with time running out. They had one of, if not the best, short distance running back in football in the game and everyone, even Bill Belichick, knew the Patriots had blown it.

In the space of about four seconds, Belichick became a genius, Carroll became a dunce , Malcolm Butler became a Folk Hero, the Patriots won the Super Bowl, the Seahawks lost it and no one in New England would have any peace for the next week, or maybe year.

I am a baseball fan who occasionally watches football, but even I can’t escape it. Everywhere I go, people are talking about, not the Great Super Bowl Game, but that one play that took a miniscule amount of time from start to finish.

If Butler had been a tenth of a second later getting there or if he had not held onto the ball but merely knocked it down and the Seahawks had scored on the next running play or the one after, Carroll would be a genius, Belichick would be a dunce, Butler would be an incompetent undrafted rookie, the Seahawks would have won the Super Bowl, the Patriots would have lost it and no one in New England would have any peace for the next week or maybe year.

The Patriots, led by Belichick, Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and an extremely talented group of players won the Super Bowl again. The Duck Parade or Rolling Rally as the Yuppies call it, was a great success and Boston has truly become, so far, this century’s City of Champions.

It was one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time and the best team won but as somebody once said ‘ENOUGH ALREADY’.

Spring Training is right around the corner. Let the BASEBALL games begin.

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