In case you didn’t notice, the Red Sox beat the Yankees last night in 19 innings. The game took 6 hours and 49 minutes to play, not counting an 18 minute interruption for a problem with the lights. It finally got over at 2:19 a. m. after Mookie Betts hit a sacrifice fly to drive in the winning run for the Red Sox.

If you read this blog regularly and/or follow my column, Baseball World, on Sundays in the Biddeford Journal Tribune you know I have been extremely critical of the steps major league baseball has been taking to shorten games.

The new rules, which have been implemented but are not being enforced as of yet, were found to reduce the length of games by 5 to 10 minutes during an experiment in the Arizona Fall League last year. In a 19 inning game, that saving of time would probably be 10 to 20 minutes.

I’ll bet everyone who went to that game last night was relieved to know that they would have been there until 2:39 if the Baseball Gods had not implemented the new rules. Do those geniuses in the Commissioner’s Office really think that they have saved baseball by reducing the length of games by 3 to 6 percent, while adding those ridiculous basketball clocks to the stadiums, keeping batters in the batter’s box, rushing the pitcher’s warmups and cutting down the time available to get to the rest room between innings?

All this after removing one of the fans’ favorite events, the ARGUMENT, by implementing instant replay. I suppose that step was inevitable, after all, arguing is not politically correct.

The next step will probably be to ban the National Anthem before games because it might offend an illegal alien. And isn’t it terrible that they hit the ball with those bats. Won’t that incite our impressionable young people to violence?

People my age are always talking about the good old days and lots of times they weren’t so good. However, baseball, as it was played and evolved naturally, for over a hundred years, was always good. Even though my Yankees lost last night, that was baseball at its best, two teams giving their all and battling each other to the end.

I don’t think anyone, whether they stayed to the end of last night’s game or left early, felt cheated because the game was too long.

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