The Red Sox have lost four of their last eight games. That is not the amazing thing. The amazing thing is that they have won four of them.

During that time, their pitchers have given up just 18 runs, 2.25 per game, but, unfortunately, their hitters have scored just 15 runs in the same time. In the month of May, through May 21, the Sox have scored 2 or fewer runs 13 times.

Their team batting average, for the year to date is .233 and they have scored just 157 runs to rate 21st of the 30 major league teams. At the end of May last year, the Sox had scored 226 runs.

Of the 30 major league teams, only Milwaukee, with a .226 team average, the Los Angeles Angels at .232 and the surprising Houston Astros at .230 have lower averages. The league average is .250 for the same period. Last year’s last place Red Sox had a .246 team average at the end of May and ended the season at .244.

On May 8, with the Red Sox team ERA at 5.54, Juan Nieves was fired as pitching coach and Carl Willis took over on May 10. In the last eight games, with Willis at the helm, the Sox regular starting pitchers have had seven quality starts.

How will the Red Sox stop the hitting drought that is keeping them from winning? Maybe the same way they stopped the pitching drought. Fire the Hitting Coach?

Chili Davis, the current hitting coach has not been able to solve the problem.
Napoli is hitting .178, Swihart .170, Victorino .241, Ortiz .241, Nava .172, Sandoval .049 right handed and Craig, before being optioned .135.

Maybe Chili Davis thinks this is okay. His second full year as a player with the San Francisco Giants, he hit, .233, the same as this year’s Red Sox. In fairness to Davis, he had a .274 career average and a good career.

But, it worked with the pitching, maybe the Sox hitters need a fresh look at what they are doing.

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