The Boston Red Sox have had two of the worst consecutive seasons in their history, finishing in last place in both 2014 and 2015. The last time the Red Sox finished in last place two years in a row was 1929 and 1930.

According to baseballreference.com, the Red Sox have finished in last place just four times since 1930, once under Bobby Valentine, in 2012, once under Butch Hobson, in 1992 and twice under John Farrell.

In the last two years, the Red Sox have won 149 games while losing 175 under Manager John Farrell after they won the World Series in his first year as the Sox Manager.

As everyone knows, the Sox were a vastly improved team over the last month and a half of 2015 under Torey Lovullo who took over when Farrell was diagnosed with and underwent treatment for cancer.

After treatment for his cancer, Farrell was brought back as Manager despite his team’s terrible performance with him managing. Many people, myself included, felt that Farrell would not have been back this year if he had not become ill.

Now, less than a month before the season is scheduled to start, Farrell is reported to have been in a relationship with a reporter covering his team in what appears to be a clear conflict of interest.

Farrell should be given his walking papers. The Red Sox have bent over backwards for John Farrell and have been more than fair in their treatment of him.

There is a young talented team down there in Fort Myers just waiting to have a great season. They don’t need the distraction this ‘affair’ is generating with more and more stories and talk show rants every day. It isn’t as if they have to look far for a replacement. The best Manager they have had since Terry Francona is sitting right there as the Bench Coach.

The Sox should take action quickly to get this matter out of the way so Torey Lovullo can get this team on an even keel before the real games begin.


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