The Red Sox are in third place, 1 ½ games back of Toronto. If the season ended today, they would make the Playoffs as a Wild Card team. The Red Sox are a young, exciting team and their young players are having the time of their lives.

Apparently, Dave Dombrowski is trying to acquire Chris Sale from the Chicago White Sox. Chris Sale is a premier pitcher with a 14-4 record at this time.

In April, Chris Sale attempted to lead a revolt against the management of the White Sox when they made a decision to limit the time a player’s child could spend in the clubhouse.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Chris Sale, unhappy with the fact that his team was going to wear throwback uniforms in a game, took it upon himself to cut up those uniforms to prevent the team from wearing them.

On the surface, acquiring Chris Sale looks like a great deal for the Sox as long as they don’t give up their young nucleus of players for him.

Be careful what you wish for, Red Sox fans.  Inserting Sale into that Red Sox locker room at this time could be disastrous.

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