After beating the Yankees 4-1 last night to move back to 5½ games ahead in the American League East, the Red Sox had won 76 and lost 58 with 28 games to play. Things are looking good for the Sox at this point as they are coming home after the Yankee series for a nine game stretch against the Blue Jays, Rays and Athletics, three of the weaker teams in the American League, in friendly Fenway.

The Sox have won three World Championships this year and look to have at least a fairly good chance to make it four this year. Of course, in order to do so they will have to get by some pretty strong opposition, particularly the Dodgers and Astros, who are running away with their divisions.

As good as things look for the Sox at this point, it is interesting to note that the Red Sox record after the first 134 games of the season in worse than it was in all of their previous World Series winning seasons this century but they are in a better position in the standings now than they were in any of those years.

In 2004, when they brought their fans their first win in 86 years, they were 80-54 after 134 games but trailed the first place Yankees by 2½ games. In 2007, they were 80-54 but were in first place by five games over the second place Yankees. In 2013, they were 79-55 and were in first place over the second place Tampa Bay Rays by 2½ games.

With a 5½ game lead and just 28 games to play and with the schedule in their favor the rest of the way, they have a great shot at the American League East crown. Of course, they still have to get by the Yankees and continue to play as they have the last five games foe the rest of the season but things look good in Red Sox nation right now.

With the Cubs in first place in the National League Central by 3½ games at this point, my prediction of a World Series played in Fenway Park and Wrigley Field is looking better every day.


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