Red Sox fans are concerned about Drew Pomeranz who started the season on the disabled list and has not looked like the Drew Pomeranz who finished the season 17-6 for the Sox last year.

In his first eight starts since coming off the disabled list, he has won one game and lost three, has a 6.81 earned run average, giving up 28 earned runs in just 37 innings. In the meantime, Steven Wright has been in nine games in relief, giving up just four earned runs in 16 innings for an ERA of 2.25.

Should the Sox replace Pomeranz in the starting rotation with Wright? Remember, as a starter, before injuring his shoulder, Wright won 13 and lost six with a 3.33 ERA in 2016.

Looking back at 2017, Pomereanz, in his first eight starts of the season, won three and lost three, with a 4.97 ERA and, for the rest of the year, looked like a different pitcher and was 14-3 with a 2.85 ERA. It may be too early to think about replacing him in the rotation but the Sox will have to bite that bullet in the near future if he continues to under perform.

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