‘Twas eighty-four years,

Since their last Series win,

In two thousand and two,

John Henry moved in.


The next two years,

The change didn’t show,

The Sox finished second,

Made it four in a row.


Then on came Francona,

In two thousand and four,

With a bunch called the ‘Idiots’,

Kicked the curse out the door.


They went to the Playoffs,

Swept the Angels in three,

Lost three to the Yankees,

Said it couldn’t be.


Then came the great comeback,

They won four in a row,

And were in the Series,

How far could they go?


The Cards were no match,

Four games it would take,

To give them the title,

That ‘pesky’ old curse they did break.


Three years later, two thousand seven,

Won the Division once more,

Swept the Angels with ease,

Showed the Indians the door.


The Series brought the Rockies,

From the National League West,

It lasted just four games,

Hardly even a test.


Four years later, two thousand eleven,

With just one month to go,

They lost twenty, won seven,

And the playoffs did blow.


Out the door went poor Terry,

Midst talk of fried chicken and beer,

Theo went right behind him,

There was nothing to cheer.



We’d won two World Series,

And beaten the curse,

But we didn’t know,

Things would only get worse.


Along came Bobbie V,

A smooth talking Fella,

And took our great team,

Right to the cellar.


As soon as they could,

They bade him Goodbye,

And brought in John Farrell,

To give him a try.


The team all grew beards,

John was really laid back,

And we went from the bottom,

To the top of the pack.


John had four more years,

But didn’t make the show,

With all of that talent

Was time for him to go.



The talent was there,

To go all the way,

But needed a leader.

To manage their play.


From out of the pack,

Alex Cora was the pick,

To bring back the glory,

Could he do the trick?


He seemed a great fit,

The team thought him great,

In his very first year,

Won one hundred and eight.


They zipped through the Playoffs,

In the blink of an eye,

Then buried the Dodgers,

As easy as pie.


Red Sox Nation’s ecstatic,

With lots of good reason,

And can’t wait to start,

Their next winning season.



The Sox have the horses,

There’s nothing to fear,

Red Sox Nation is in,

For a Happy New Year.













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