Carl H. Johnson, is a popular baseball author, columnist and lecturer.  He has written a column on Major League Baseball, entitled BASEBALL WORLD, which has appeared in newspapers throughout New England, for the past seven years

He is the author of seven books about baseball including  his first book, ‘ FROM BEER TO BEARDS ‘  BOSTON BASEBALL’S AMAZING 2011-2013 ROLLER COASTER RIDE. ‘ That book, which follows the Red Sox from the end of the Francona Era through the first year of the Farrell Era and its World Championship,  and his others, including the popular series THE BASEBALL BUFF’S BATHROOM BOOKS, VOLUMES 1-3, are available in independent bookstores and on Amazon and Kindle.

He is a life long player, coach, fan and student of baseball.  He is a fan of the New York Yankees, having grown up in the DiMaggio, Berra, Mantle era and having lived in Connecticut for most of his life but considers himself primarily a fan of baseball in general.  He now resides in Maine with his wife who is a rabid Red Sox fan which makes his life even more interesting and he shares his wife’s enthusiasm for the Red Sox.

This site provides articles regarding current and historical events in major league baseball and will be updated every three to seven days.

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